While based in Beirut, Lebanon. The GEDBROAD Team can cover the area of the Middle East and North and North Africa in both our services and engineering or Supplying its products...

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About Us

GEDbroad is a major supplier of products and services operating in the Middle East and the North African countries.Our speciality extends to all types of broadcasting equipment, fixed and mobile links and specialized services, including station planning, measurement, management or lease of services and hardware.

Company Background:

Founded in 1988, with the purpose of distributing professional studio and telecommunications equipment. The commercial success of GED Sarl, owes much to the experience and professionalism. This is maintained by the constant adherence to its corporate values which are applied equally to its dealings with customers and its own personnel.

From studio to transmission:

GED Sarl, offers a complete range of equipment for the transmission of analog and digital television and radio signals. Additionally, GED Sarl, offers, project management, systems engineering, software configuration, equipment sourcing and system installation world-wide

Through a professional management approach and experience, we are committed to providing cost-effective services and products.