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Consideration for an HD Service

An ongoing challenge for broadcasters is to find effective ways to ingest, transcode, catalog, edit, compose management, playout and archive media content. A large TV station can contain hundreds of workstations in the entire workflow and each workstation can have multiple SD/HD data streams that read from or write into the storage system. Therefore, the storage system must provide large bandwidth without frames lost.

We have the mean and ways to help media companies tackle this by building a storage system that delivers high performance, is highly reliable and scalable, and that is cost-effective.

With the explosive growth of media data, the old way of storing data tapes in the vault is no longer efficient for most organizations. Instead, they are sourcing better, more efficient and affordable ways to manage their media assets.

GEDBroad has dedicated significant resources to the development of the MAM (Media Asset Management) storage system. A first step oin multiplying the media and making it available on request.

As part of our support to our customers, we propose a complete range of services that hovers around broadcasting, with concept engineering and design, simulation of use of different antennas and power to cover the optimal area of coverage and provide a high quality of services, together with the contracting works to implement your stations or studios and the remote management of these from our central office NOC.

Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience via any audio visual medium. Receiving parties may include the general public or a relatively large subset of thereof.

While broadcasting is a very large and significant segment of the mass media. Originally all broadcasting was composed of analog signals using analog transmission techniques and more recently broadcasters have switched to digital signals using digital transmission. Analog audio vs. HD Radio Analog television vs. Digital television Wireless. All of this requires simulation and calculation before launching the services and this is the reason while we cover those services, providing you with a total package that ensure the success of the transmission while you could carry out on the media content management.

Additionally, we guarantee repairs of software and hardware as well as outsourcing the different parts that you may need or a co-location for a new station with an existing customer. Our services also include training for the staff, both at the technical operational and administrative level.

The Broadcast Industry includes companies that generate audio and video content, transport it, customize it, transmit it over the air, and all the manufacturers of the equipment required to accomplish these activities. GEDbroad serves all the segments of the Broadcast industry with its extensive line of products. and in this sense, is able to help you with its sevices.