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GEDBroad offers also two innovative services in the field of broadcasting, one being the BOT service, where we built operate against a fee and transfer the service to its owner.Within the preliminary period, this provides us with the capability of planning, operating on the technical level and training of the existing staff for a specific period of time. The second type of service consists of comprehensive or maintenance contract or partial maintenance contracts. The scope of these could be determined for a period of time and for one or more equipment and involve comprehensive or preventive contracts for equipments and installations of any station or studio. GEDbroad assist you in any of the following subjects, and put their know how and expertise at the service of its customers by offering customized solutions.
  • Licence application
  • Spectrum auctions
  • Beauty contests
  • Spectrum management
  • Requirement modeling
  • Equipment and technology parameters specification
  • Service Integration
  • Turnkey planning
  • Validation and enhancement...