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This service consists of using our special software to monitor, on scheduled basis, the full operation of the remote stations. Monitoring also includes field signal measurement and quality control to provide a station or a network of station the mean to adjust power or apply filters in orSder to increase quality or meet international and national standards requirements GEDbroad uses a method for monitoring a radio-frequency power amplifier, or a radio-frequency device, and a radio-frequency monitoring device by measuring the power of the radio-frequency pulses at temporal intervals. We use some of the equipment provided by one of the largest manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment in Europe. Our T&M instruments and systems are setting standards worldwide in research, development, production and service.

The measurement values are respectively loaded with a measurement error. Control values are respectively formed based on the sum of a number of measurement values loaded with measurement errors, if and when a control value reaches or exceeds a predetermined limit control value it would be automativally logged.

Once aerial are in place, we monitor the signal used and received at each of the location and add each to a database. our direction finding can provide the sound and TV broadcasting has been one of the key activities of Rohde & Schwarz. We are the only supplier of a complete range of transmission, monitoring and measurement equipment in the world. We are international leaders as regards equipment and T&M systems and instruments for the new digital transmission methods DAB, DVB, ATSC and MPEG2.