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This consists of planning the coverage of a proposed station and preventing interference from and of existing stations and services. Our planning and engineering services secure to our customer a comprehensive understanding of their broadcast facility and provide them to meet with their licensing requirements. It evaluate their need for investment to fulfill the scope of their planned services. Thus, planning allow an operator to choose the appropriate location and the equipment required for their links and broadcast systems, GEDbroad uses digital terrain models with a resolution of 100 meters and has a database for all the countries or area in the world, The exercise result in the calculation of wanted power to meet the coverage requirements and establish the use of gap fillers to meet full coverage as opposed to choosing high powered stations which may result in interference to other stations. Additionally, all Interference calculation and ways to reduce those are also established offering the best tailored solution with the minimum economic impacts. Planning includes to delivery of a bill of material showing the necessary requirements to satisfy the following:

(1) Calculation of tower height and antenna models,
(2) Proposal of tower structure study according to terrain and location
(3) Proposal of backbone links to satisfy network broadcasting and
(4) Comprehensive resources for studio equipment and vehicle based broadcasting to satisfy mobility conditions.

Our radio network planning and analysis- technical spectrum management- from 10kHz to 450 GHz Planning study also takes into considerations regulatory requirements and conditions, taking into account: studies applicable protection from and of existing stations, regional agreement considerations, local regulations and license restrictions, full ITU recommendations consideration, any ICAO (aeronautical) regulatory considerations and all human health hazard considerations.