While based in Beirut, Lebanon. The GEDBROAD Team can cover the area of the Middle East and North and North Africa in both our services and engineering or Supplying its products...

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GEDBROAD is a specialised team of engineer that covers the needs of of both video and audio media delivery together with the services and supplies thereon. our purpose is driven by our unlimited capabilities in delivering the right broadcast solutions for you! Our broadcast and service solutions thrive on working with you to develop an optimized design and seamless integration. Our skills and our focus on ingenuity become your solution – one that’s built on the pure performance you need – to fuel your signal and power your broadcast into the future. Our innovations are the product of communication – combining the best of our expert people, experience, and unique customer needs. From factory to field, we believe that listening to you makes communication work. The quality of the message that you ultimately deliver as a broadcaster is based; not only on our unique technology, but our capability in optimizing the solution with you. The result – a loud and clear signal designed and delivered by our best

Studio We are complying to provide the Right Solution for Your Broadcast Requirements at the Lowest Possible Cost, Every time: irrelevant of the location and the carrier. it's we do, it's who we are, and it determines our success in making your broadcast signal thrive both wirelessly or wired. We bring you the best in broadcasting solutions – and we deliver the correct solution every time through our networks of partners and suppliers.

Our success is a combination of innovations in design and broadcast technology to a number of broadcaster that have been servicing their ,market for years. our dedication to technical excellence, and our unique commitment to providing you with optimized solutions.Those solutions designed specifically for you; your market; your needs; and your broadcast requirements on your terms. We call this 'customer-fit engineering'. This is a result of our strength in communication, our expertise, skills, and our team approach to create the right fit between our products and your application. Whether you're looking for digital television, analog television, or FM broadcast solutions - We hear you. Loud and clear. We go beyond the rest to deliver the best products and services in the industry for you. We suggest you to link to and explore our many Solutions or to Select the Product you are interested in;- Digital and Analog / UHF, or UHF - and read about to our each of our custom solutions