Our products include the supplies of special equipment or mobile vans, aerials or studio equipments as well as automation services for both audio and video media transfer applications.

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Telmec Telmec provides Filters and splitters and combiners.

These products includes Calorimetry, Fiber Optic Leak Detector, Water Cooled, Heat Exchangers, HDTV Air Cooled, Convection Cooled, Air Cooled system for both  High Power Air Cooled both Short Wave Air Cooled Loads, resistors and Other Custom Products.

Electro Impulse

Provides Custom and standard Closed Loop Cooling systems, Fluid Transfer equipment, High Purity Liquid Coolers, RF Dummy Loads, RF Calorimeters and related products. Complete Manufacturing and Engineering Services are available for custom or standard equipment, Cooling Equipment both Refrigerated and Non-refrigerated as well as coolant support and Dummy Loads and Calorimeters and Hydraulic & Filtering Systems


Head end systems including the PLANAR-SG24, PLANAR-SG3000 and the PLANAR-SG2000

Rohde & Schwarz Test & Measurement from Rhode and Schwarz T&M instruments and systems from Rohde & Schwarz are setting standards worldwide in research, development, production, and service.
  • Broadcasting As market leader we are the only supplier of a complete range of transmission, monitoring, and measurement equipment in the world.

  • Secure Communications We focus on professional radiocommunications equipment, trunked radio systems, and encryption solutions for mission-critical environments.

  • Radio Monitoring
We offer instruments and systems for the detection, location, and analysis of radiocom signals for use in public safety and external security.

(available from Rohde & Schwarz )

When an enterprise customer needs high-performance network infrastructure solutions, real-world capabilities can make the difference between business success and failure. Highly advanced SYSTIMAX solutions give enterprise executives and IT managers plenty of power to tackle mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications. Thanks to their built-in intelligence, world-leading performance and superior reliability, backed up by a 20-year warranty, SYSTIMAX solutions help enterprise customers take advantage of business opportunities that affect profitability — today and for years to come.

Uniprise (available from Rohde & Schwarz )

Uniprise solutions are ideal for enterprise customers that need superior value over world-class performance. High-quality, easy-to-use Uniprise solutions are built to support the customer’s structured cabling needs and, with a 20-year warranty, to protect their IT investment well into the future. The right quality, the right level of technology, the right support and the right price — these are the cornerstones of Uniprise solutions.

Bird Ranging from the multi-functional SignalHawk SH-36 Series,  Spectrum Analyzers  and Vector Network Analyzers (VNA avaliable in 1-port or 2-port configurations), to the SA Series, 25-6000 MHz Site Analyzers -  a user-friendly test solution for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your antenna and cable systems, to dedicated solutions lke the ACM Series, Antenna and Cable Monitor - designed to detect antenna and cable faults that transmitter-internal VSWR monitors may not detect, to the AT Series, Antenna Testers which provide a cost-effective, fast, graphical way of determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas.