Our scope of products include the supplies of special equipment or mobile vans as well as aerials or studio equipments as well as automation services for both audio and video media transfer applications.

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The Studios world is a wide and diversified section of our entreprise.
We provide numerous products for audio and video tasks normarly set for high quality and high definition application. We offer such products as Audio Codecs, Audio/MPX Distributors, Automation Systems, AV Switchers & Changeovers, Clocks & Time Synchronizers, Digital Logging Software. FM & Web Processors, FM Measurement Systems, General Interfaces, Mixing Consoles, On Air Lamps, RDS/RBDS & MPX Encoders, Studio Furnitures, AV Switchers & Changeovers, CG & Graphics, Digital Logging Software, Digital Signage, Logo Generators and Multimedia Asset Management or Multiviewers.



AEV Broadcast is the leading Italian manufacturer Audio Broadcast industry. the AEV brand has been on the market forover 30 years, the long stay on the world stage is due to a constant attention to technological change and new scenarios operating, our “mission” finds strength in the passion that animates us in designing new products and always trusting that the operators have always expressed to AEV brand, in fact we always feels for customers to feel “partners”, they supporting, with their comments and guidance, to the developmen products, and finding in our staff an attentive interlocutor for the solution of the various problems and for the realization of their projects..


AEQ advanced audio technology, telephone communications expertise, audio storage applications and automation of multimedia production and broadcasting. It offers Mixing Consoles and other devices and codecs for routing and linking audio applications. Rackmount units are available from there such as the PHOENIX STUDIO Codec  or theEAGLE ISDN Codec, also available is the COURSE Multi-Codec, the RANGER Multiplexer, BC 2000 D Multiplexer, and the TH 02 Telephone Hybrid can be seen from there. The PHOENIX MOBILE Portable Codec , the TLE 02D - ISDN Codec/Mixer and the . MPAC 02 - Stereo ISDN Codec/Mixer as well as the mixing consoles such as the ARENA Digital Console, the FORUM Digital Console, the BC 2500 Analogue Mixer, and the OPERA Analogue Mixer or the BRAVO Analogue Console. AEQ also provides for furniture such as FURNITURE as well as automation software such as the MAR4SUITE PRO, Automation; SystemCODEC, SHARE-Codec Manager; SYSTEL 6000 - Multiplexing System, and BC 2000 ROUTER RTC - Router Control Software


This suppliers provide with the Rubidium Master Time Code System and time code inserters as well as the Time-Timer-Time Code inserters. They also provides ffers a series of wall clocks with following features such as Automatic time setting, 2-wire interface for easy installation, Stepping hands, Silent clockwork that could be Powered as well as the time will be received via a 2-wire interface. The clocks can be connected directly to our Rubidium Series distribution modules (eg. VD or VL). Several clocks can be connected in parallel. The clocks are completely self setting. 

Aret Engineering Aret Engineering supplies different large and medium to small OB Vans and Studio layout for its customer on request and as required for its application, This could be a fully expandable OB Van is designed for 16 HD cameras and it is equipped with the best technological solutions or a small Vehicle that is equiped for area for Production and Recording area and it is complete with mixer console and all audio equipments.
ARX ARX is an australians audio pro equipment that includes These include the Sixgate 6 channel Noise Gate, Quadcomp 4 channel Compressor Limiter; and the venerable EQ 60 Dual 1/3rd Octave Equalizer, sales of which have now exceeded 10,000 units. They also manufacture several other devices such as mixers and other equalisers. such as the recently introduced MaxiDrive Six channel High Current Line Driver / Distribution Amplifier the   BSX 16 Transformer Isolated Active Broadcast Splitter the SX 12 4 in, 12 Out ISO-Transformer Microphone/Line Splitter. Additional product can be seen on their site such as the AudiBox series, the Afterburner Compressor Limiter, the Balance 8 | DeBalance 8 and BarMIX Multimedia Zoner/Mixer, the Compo Compressor/Limiter, the DI- Plus-RC | DI-Plus 2-RC | DI-6SM Six channel Direct box/Mic-Line splitter
8-Pre Multi channel Mic preamp | PC-Pre2 Mic preamp; The EQ260 | EQ215 | EQ130 and i-Switch 12 pair speaker checker, tester, demonstrator and the MaxiMIX | MaxiSPLIT | MIXX | MIXXMaster, the MSX12 Mic/Line Splitter | MSX 8 Mic/Line splitter | MSX 32 Mic/Line splitter | MSX 48 Mic/Line splitter, the Quadcomp II Four channel compressor/limiter and the Sixgate Six channel noise gate or the UniMIX | UniFace .
Avra AVRA is the evolution of Radio. By adding Video Server capabilities, a new world of opportunities appears for Broadcasters, audiences and clients.
AXEL Technology Axel Technology designs and manufactures hardware and software products specifically conceived for radio & TV broadcasting, including audio & video logging, digital signage solutions, and a wide range of tools for business administration and account management: - Digital audio processors for Radio and TV broadcasting - Digital Stereo MPX coders - Digital RDS / RBDS coders, Digital Radio and TV automated system - Digital Audio & Video Loggers, FM monitors and measuring systems - On Air Audio Mixing Consoles - Studio furniture - Playlist Creation, Scheduling and Traffic Billing Software for Radio and TV - On Air Lights GPS time Synchronizers for PC-based systems... etc.
COMREX COMREX provides Studio quality audio and video over wired and wireless IP circuits. Such include the ACCESS Rack & Portable and the ACCESS 2USB as well as the LiveShot for TV over IP application as well as Studio Telephone Interfaces Superior audio quality for telephone calls.

Netia provides for software solutions that enable efficient management and delivery of content to today's full array of media platforms. These solutions allow content producers and owners to manage content from ingest to delivery, targeting multiplatform outlets including the Internet, VOD, IPTV services, and mobile devices. The PDF document is available here.

They also provides The NETIA Workflow Engine organizes media management processes, harmonizes exchanges between different applications, handles prioritization across the system, and automates content distribution processes. Tools within the software facilitate preparation of content for delivery by performing metadata extraction, transcoding, quality control, image processing, and subtitle management. To streamline the actual content delivery, the solution provides tools to interface with content packaging, metadata tagging, and rights management, with workflow supervision guiding these processes. Configurable rules govern the delivery of content to specific service providers and numerous service platforms ranging from VOD to set-top box, catchup TV, and Internet news portals. the PDF document is available here

Otari Otari manufacture and promote all sort of Duplication Related Machines, Audio Cassette Duplicator Tape Manufacturing Machines, Media Packaging Products, Case Feeder, Disc Inserter, DVD Case DeWrapper and Case Stacker, Disc Detection Machine andLabeling Machine Digital Audio Archive System, and Digital Archive System for Audio/Video Network Products as well as Optical Wiring System Audio Mixing Consoles and Digital On-Air Console Audio Recorder/Editor or 2ch Analog Audio Tape Recorder Magnetic Heads. Specifics of these products can be seen on their site.