Our scope of products include the supplies of special equipment or mobile vans as well as aerials or studio equipments as well as automation services for both audio and video media transfer applications.

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GEDbroad currently provides microwave or radio links as well as modems for different applications.


These products are available for different services and could be listed as follows:
–  STL (Studio to Links)
–  Microwave Links
–  Phone Links
TV links

RVR The Italian Manufacturer support different links for STL applications. They include the PTRL-LCD | RXRL-LCD |PTRL-LCD/S | RXRL-LCD/05-RXRLLCD which are radio links are reputed for their optimal price/performance ratio at a world-wide level. The PTRLNV/4 | RXRLNV/4 Synthesized transmitters and receivers, the RX2NV/LCD which are Synthesized transmitters and receivers (87,5-108 MHz) and the portable series URPTFM | URPTFM/S | URPT/MIC/B... | URPT/MIC/S/B... | URPRFM | URPRFM/S | URPR/MIC/B... which are the high portability for employment also on motor vehicles (both light and heavy), or installation with low environmental impact supplies by batteries or photovoltaic panels.
Moseley Moseley designs, manufactures, and markets digital transmission systems for diversified telecommunication industries, and the radio and television broadcast industry. They offers STL links such as High-Quality, Custom Configured Digital, Analog, and HD Radio STL / TSL, Data Links, and Transmitter Remote Controls for the Radio Broadcast Industry ( Starlink SL9003Q) or the ( Starlink SL9003T1) the ( Rincon) or the ( EVENT 5800) as well as
AEQ This spanish manufacturer also supplies the LIVE 10 - High Powered Radio Mic and the LIVE 20 - High Powered Radio Mic With Talkback as well as the ARROW 50 - Portable Radio Link


This Italian manufacturer provided High Quality STL Links for Audio Links. such as the 2.4 GHz link or TV Transposer for UHF or VHF.

Geritel .Geritel also include Additionally other Microwave links can also be available such as this Microwave Link according to CCITT "G703" or an indoor link such as this Microwave indoor link
Moseley Moseley designs, manufactures, and markets digital transmission systems for diversified telecommunication industries. They propose Spectrum-Scalable Digital Radios with user-selectable data rates from 64 kbps to 34 Mbps for Wireless Data Networking Applications such as the NXE1 • the NX-GEN-S or the  NX-GEN-T or other spectrum efficiency for 50 Kilometers such as the NX64.

Comrex BRIC-Link Created specifically for STL applications and other "nailed-up" audio links, the perfect solution for point-to-point IP audio conversion. see BRIC-Link Product Manual
Mayah Supplies all type of Audio Xodecs for Mobile such as the SendIt 4, the Flashman II, the Sporty and the Merk II as well as Audio Codecs for STationary application such as the Centauri III 3001, the Centauri III 4000, Multichannel, Centauri III 4000, FM Transcoder as well as theC1130/31/35 IP the C1140/41 IP/ISDN and the C1150/51/55 Adv. IP or the C1160/61 Adv. IP/ISDN/ C1180/81 ASI/ C1190/91 Dual IPand the Ganymed 1002A | Pro. It also provides for VIDEO SOLUTIONS with the IOCAST Overview, the HD En-/Decoder, and the Multirate Encoder.
Telemec Telemec provides various type of software liks such as Multi Line Phone systems such as the  Telos VX Broadcast VoIP System, the  Nx Talkshow Systems, the  ONE-x-Six 6-line system, the  Call Controller & Desktop Director system controllers. It also provides for broadcast Phone Hybrids such as  Hx Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface, the  iQ6 Telco Gateway, the  Telos ONE and the LINK telephone-to-intercom interface.
OMNIA AXIA IP-Audio Networks from Telos Provides IP Audio Networks solutions offers Combining the magic of our legacy Omnia processors with the most sought after features in a pre-processor, the Omnia ONE Studio Pro fulfills the needs that our clients have been clamoring for: a lower delay processor for applications that require minimal delay and do not require absolute peak limiting. The Omnia ONE Studio Pro is the first studio processor to include a four-band compressor/limiter. The flexibility offered by the Omnia ONE Studio Pro’s compressor/limiter allows you precise and accurately defined individual control while pre-processing music, commercials, remote feeds, or sweetening audio. Recording studios, mastering labs, TV stations . its main item documentation can be found at Audio processing for AM, FM, HD Radio, DAB and Multicast

Screen Services This manufacturer provides high quality links fo suit various application including ATSC Mobile DTV turnkey solution SPEED is the one-stop solution from testing and evaluation to full commercial service. The Speed Mobile DTV solution consists of Mobile DTV Encoders, ESG Flute Server, Multiplexer for Mobile streaming, and Exciter fully compliant with the A/153 standard. You will get all you need to put your valuable content in your customers hand. Speed Mobile DTV gives you the chance to boost your content, reaching your customers anywhere thus increasing revenues. The system is built to satisfy the broadcasters priorities: ATSC Legacy backward compatibility and easy-to-use plug-and-play nature. Download the catalogue from here. They also provide several antennas and system for microwaves links.(see the site for more documents
Moseley Also offers various TV Links such as the Digital Television Studio-Transmitter Link DTV Link-A or otherwise the High Definition Electronic News Gathering Link  Event HD-6500 or the Digital Video/Data ICR DTV Short Haul Link