Our scope of products include the supplies of special equipment or mobile vans as well as aerials or studio equipments as well as automation services for both audio and video media transfer applications.

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EdgeOPiea EdgeOpia offers High Value Solutions to the Broadcasting market. it include solutions for Technology Solutions for all your Broadcast related projects, High Quality range of SatCom equipment from SatService and DVB Head-end systems or. Pre-owned Video and Studio broadcasting equipment They also Supply of entire Uplink stations, motorisation, de-icing 6. Structured DSNG and OBVAN couch building as well as. VSAT Projects & Satellite bandwith and systems for Conditional Access systems Sales / Consultancy, STB's as well as. Business Development of new Territories.
Newtec Newtec provides the following the following Broadcast applications :
They also provide the following Broadband access applications
DMS USA DMS USA provide the following satmeters First Strike FS1 | Sathero SH-200 | SM-3500 | SF-95B | SF-95 Power Cord | Precision Compass. Trimax SM-3500 Digital Satellite Meter with Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, the SF-95B Satellite Signal Finder . It also provides various satellite receivers such as the DBS4000 | DBS3500 | DBS5400 | MatchBoxPro USB as well as the DBS4000 C/Ku Digital Receiver with EasyFind Digital Technology. and Traxis DBS5400 C/Ku Digital CI Receiver. DMSUA Provides also feeds such as the Ku band Standard LNB/F  and Avenger 321 | Avenger 322 | JSC321S | Xtreme II | BSC321SP | ASC511 | JSC322