While based in Beirut, Lebanon. The GEDBROAD Team can cover the area of the Middle East and North and North Africa in both our services and engineering or Supplying its products...

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In the context of client-server architecture, a server is a computer program running to serve the requests of other programs, the "clients". The clients either run on the same computer or connect through the network. In most common use, server is a physical computer dedicated to running one or more such services (as a host), to serve the needs of users of the other computers on the network.
GEDbroad specialises in providing audio and video servers to broadcasters namely from the following source:

BLT BLT offers various HDTV video servers available in this download. Additional servers include the  complete software suite of tools for production, logging and advanced clip management, dedicated to live-event workflow. and the WDR Teca, the Video Client control software for visual Clip browsing, data base creation and management and logging tool for BLT Servers As well as the HTH-1 : Monitor Enhancement Module which enables professional monitoring functionality for every part of your facility using economical high definition consumer level displays. Transparent adaptation of SMPTE HD-SDI and SD-SDI standards to HDMI. Uncompromised quality, full HDTV Audio/Video on HDMI interface. The HTH-1 is not just a converter…
NewRadio NewRadio offers various Streaming Radio tools and servers that can be available for different services.for shoutcast and Windowsmedia services. The software is very powerful and will allow you to manage music and create custom playlists for different genres and types of programming. You can enter your jingles and part-time at intervals of time or music. You can schedule any program or event-time and repeat every program on a daily, weekly or monthly and several options available for autonated application. A typical use of trascoding can be dedicated to those who buy the widget for iPhone and already have a shoutcast stream to 128k. Without adding another encoder can turn 1 slot on the server in a 128k to 32k AAC + stream, ideal for listening on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Our transcoder can also be hired if you use Shoutcast and Icecast servers of other streaming providers.
AEQ This spanish manufacturer provides routers and automation systems mainly available for audio applications. Among other the MAR4Suite PRO is an advanced automation, management and play-out system for professional audio in both radio and television broadcasting. It includes the most powerful tools designed to perform all the usual tasks involved in a radio station, operating over Microsoft SQL database. Download the ! Manual AEQ CADDY | MAR4Suite PRO