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As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this Italian Manufacturer. established since 1979, but with deeper roots.  Aldena born from the experience in radiocommunications of Lionello Napoli, father of the current president Giuseppe Napoli.

Since 1970, Giuseppe Napoli, supported by his father similar passion, progressively started the conversion of the production from receiving antennas to professional products for the transmission of radio-tv signals and in 1979 TELECOMUNICAZIONI ALDENA SRL is officially established.

Few years later, in order to complete and integrate production, an IT department committed to production and sales of software products for the specific sector operators, is also created. This is still now providing Aldena a unique position in the international market in comparison to other well known manufacturers.

Aldena is indeed the only professional antennas manufacturer that choosed to share his know-how with his Customers; this has allowed the Operators technical level growth and has always been a challange to improve products and related services.

Our comittment with Aldena is to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.