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Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering GmbH

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this German Manufacturer which specializes in Time Code products and studio clock system.

Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering GmbH is the leading manufacturer of Time Code products and studio clock systems in Europe. We would be happy to inform you about our company background or about our wide product range and services.

Alpermann+Velte was founded in September 1972 as an engineering office for electronics for industrial applications, from which emerged the present Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering GmbH (AVEE). The managers of the AVEE are the certified engineers Matthias Wehr and Bernd Velte, who were among the founding members in 1972.

Since 1976, Alpermann+Velte has engaged in developing and producing timecode products and systems. Today, this wide range of products forms the main basis of our company's activities. In the first years, customer-related projects led to the development of our own products, resulting in the production of the legendary timecode product series TC 10, TC 12, TC 20, PLC3, which in the eighties was replaced or upgrated by the current product series TC 15, TC 16, TC 30, TC 60 and PCL-5. We have also proved our technological competence by developing timecode chips on our own. In a small brochure we explained the SMPTE rules for time code. In the nineties, we built up a wide product range of studio clocks and studio timers with the MTD series. The basis of the MTD system is the utilisation of the timecode user bits for the transfer of all relevant studio time information, from time and date of day to stop timer information. A multitude of displays, clocks and user consols permits to adapt the system to the different studio applications.

The range of timecode products was enhanced and extended with the series G30 and TCI 70, as well as with products that have digital video channel, digital timecode and ancillary data of the series TC 17, TC 16D, TC 300 and TC 400. The G30 timecode generators generate a timecode derived from the coupling of video clock and GPS or DCF77 time reference. A switchover unit permits to build up a failure-proof system. Aside from the development and continuous improvement of our present product lines, Alpermann+Velte stands for product solutions in the field of broadcast data. We are presently developing products for coding and insertion of ancillary data, meta data and for the general organisation of the digital video data stream.

A decisive factor for the success of our company has always been the service provided in order to supply our customers with a tailor-made system for their specific applications, at a economical price and in due time. And we will continue to do our best in order to be a competent partner for timecode products, clock systems and electronic engineering in general.

Our comittment with Alpermann+Velte Electronic Engineering GmbH is to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.