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As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this German Equipment Manufacturer. Axel Technology designs and manufactures hardware and software products specifically conceived for radio & TV broadcasting, including audio & video logging, digital signage solutions, and a wide range of tools for business administration and account management:
- Digital audio processors for Radio and TV broadcasting
- Digital Stereo MPX coders
- Digital RDS / RBDS coders, Digital Radio and TV automated system
- Digital Audio & Video Loggers 24x7, FM monitors and measuring systems
- On Air Audio Mixing Consoles
- Studio and Reportage Telephone Hybrids
- Playlist Creation, Scheduling and Traffic Billing Software for Radio and TV
- On Air Lights GPS time Synchronizers for PC-based systems
 Axel Technology's crossing know-how is based on the large experience as system integrator, and allows the designing of complex turn-key systems, in order to interface different equipment in an easy way. That gives the clients the most efficient and price-competitive working systems ever.
Radio studios with multiple control rooms, multi-channel video logging systems, single or multi-channel radios and TV automation systems are currently delivered in Italy and abroad. The delivering and installation services, together with the on-site training of local operators and the online support services, are a strong part of Axel Technology's business.

Our comittment with Mayah to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.