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DMS International

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this US Equipment Manufacturer for Sattelite Broadcasting

DMS International has been in business since 1970 and in satellite since 1979.  Because of the companies age and experience, DMS International has been able to cope with and adapt to market changes through the years.  DMS International continues to be the largest and most respected wholesale source for FTA equipment.

DMS International distributes several brands of equipment including DMS International, First Strike Meters, Traxis International Receivers, Trimax Technology Meters, Spitfire Elite LNBFs, Xtreme II LNBFs, BSC LNB/Fs, ASC LNB/Fs, JSC LNBFs, AimFast Site Survey Tools, AimSat Dishes, and more.  DMS International is the exclusive distributor for Invacom LNB/Fs in North America.  

DMS Wireless, a division of DMS International, sells commercial wireless antennas.  You will see our antennas sold by several well known wireless distributors.  

DMS International has offices in Atlanta (Acworth) Georgia USA, Johnstown Colorado USA, and GuangZhou China to easily service your needs.  Our office in Chna is fully staffed with knowledgeable employees.  If you have the ability to buy in volume we are able to handle your requirements.  We can provide the product for you and even arrange shipping for you all from our fully staffed China office.  We work directly with the forwarders to provide ocean or air shipments.  

Our comittment with DMS International to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.