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Electro Impulse Laboratory Inc

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this US Equipment Manufacturer for Cooling Systems for Broadcasting

ELECTRO IMPULSE LABORATORY, INC. (also trading as Electro Impulse, Inc.) was originally founded in 1949 as a research and development enterprise. Since then our ideas have become so popular that we now have a broad product line and are recognized as a leading supplier of specialized cooling equipment to the electronic industry and the military. In addition, we have a line of RF products including dummy loads and calorimeters. ELECTRO IMPULSE cooling systems serve a wide variety of applications from spacecraft support to cooling electronics in a pod under an aircraft, to cooling a laser used in a light show. Other units are used to cool medical and industrial imaging equipment in hospitals and mobile installations.ELECTRO IMPULSE products are in use worldwide.

ELECTRO IMPULSE equipment is in wide use by the military. An early example of one of our products is on display at the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. In the aerospace field, we have provided equipment for programs such as AATF, ASARS, ATHP, ATF, AWACS, AMRAAM, BEAR, PAVE SPIKE, Patriot, Tomahawk, F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-22, EF-111, B-1B, Peacekeeper, HARM, SLCAIR, SLQ-32, ADR, EA-6B, ASPJ, AN/USC-38V, AN/SPS-40E, Rail Garrison, Starfire Optical Range, JSTARS, JSF, Minuteman Missile, SICBM, Trident and numerous others. We also manufacture an extensive line of electronic and mechanical support equipment including avionics air blower/cooler packages, hose/plumbing assemblies, coolant distribution panels, fluid purification units and deionization systems. ELECTRO IMPULSE has the experience, staff and capability to handle any application you may have, from standard units to your most complex applications.

Our comittment with Electro Impulse to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.