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As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this Italian Equipment Manufacturer. Eurotek Telecomunications is a society specialized in planning, building and selling telecommunication equipments, systems and accessories

We operate in different fields of telecommunications such as Radio -Television Broadcast, Wireless and Data Transmission.Our main products are the Microwave Radio Analog and Digital Links in different mobile and fixed shapes, Mo/demodulator QPSK / 16QAM, Encoder MPEG2, Parabolic Antennas of different size and frequencies together with all the Accessories (waveguide, connectors, ecc.) to build a Radio Link. Besides we plan and produce different appliances "Custom Made" on a detailed list, such as AMPLIFIERS, OSCILLATORS DRO, FILTERS, DUPLEXER and others. Facing different problems and applying varied technologies made our 'Know How' in business to build and grow.Our aim and strengh is the great flexibility that characterizes and acts as a catalyst at every level in the firm structure. A constant effort in the research and development of products and technologies means that each component is developped regarding mechanic and electronic aspects by experts highly qualified, continually envolved in offering new equipments of the best quality and at the best prices in our firm.Flexibility and autonomy for the technical material and the modern equipments up-to date we have, mean: clean room class 10.000, microprocessor development systems, laboratory for climatic, environmental and functional experiments, control and testing labs, operating according to the rules of the UNI - EN ISO 9000.All the equipments manufactured are to be passed under routine controls and final tests which permit to satisfy completely the specific data required.Moreover all the test data are written in a report which is delivered the customer together with the equipment.Thanks to our particular and specific characteristics, important companies both national and international have chosen EurotekTelecommunications as a partner for standard products and "Custom made".

Our comittment with Eurotek to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.