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Funke Digital TV

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this Deutch Equipment Company, Funke Digital TV always provides a solution.

These are usually custom-made solutions: a comprehensive solution we create especially for you and that fully meets your needs and requirements.

You simply tell us your needs and we make sure they are met in every way. In addition to our customised solutions, Funke Digital TV also provides a wide range of standardised DTT solutions that allow consumers to receive digital television and digital radio (DAB).

Our products range from indoor and outdoor antennas to on-the-road solutions and solutions for the maritime and gaming industries. In all our solutions, it is the application, rather than the technology, that comes first, and it is not the technology that determines your limits, but your specific questions are used to determine what options our technologies should provide. No matter how we go about addressing your questions, Funke always guarantees solid advice, innovative ability and a pleasant way of doing business together.

Our comittment with Funke is to promote, distrinute and support their products in our territories.