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As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this German Studio Equipment Manufacturer. MAYAH® Communications’ main objective is the development and distribution of innovative hiqh quality solutions for audio and audio/video communications in broadcast and corporate networks. Focus is given to standardized audio and video formats, such as MPEG-1, -2 and 4 as well as proprietary but accepted formats such as E/apt-X, ADPCM4SB and others.

MAYAH has shown technological leadership in audio transmission by inventing FlashCast®, the automatic codec recognition, which allows compatibility to nearly all standard and proprietary audio codecs in the market. It has been developing innovative hard and software products for InHouseStreaming, WebRadio, ISDN, other broadcast networking applications and Digital Handheld Recording.

The company is located in a nice modern office park just a few minutes away from Munich Airport. Touching base with radio and TV customers in the media metropole Munich, MAYAH has an optimum location for international business. The nearness to to Munich airport allows convenient travels and meetings for business partners and customers. The modern office facilities allow seminars, workshops and trainings.

Our comittment with Mayah to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.