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Planar, LLC

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this Russian Measurement Company. PLANAR, LLC is a privately owned company based in Chelyabinsk, Russia. It was found in 1992 and currently is fast progressing in business of both telecommunications and test and measurement technologies, which involves R&D, manufacture and supply of high-quality and price-competitive products. Presently PLANAR has a base of over 1,000 regular customers in Russia and other countries.

PLANAR, LLC has a dedicated team of experienced R&D specialists and engineers who produce solutions meeting the growing requirements set by the new standards in industry, business and life.

PLANAR, LLC’s self state-of-the-industry manufacturing facilities and advanced production methods ensure consistent quality of more than 300 production line items as well as high efficiency rate.

PLANAR, LLC produces a wide selection of products, which cover such applications as a) CATV network building and control (head-end systems, amplifiers, CATV test and measurement instrumentation); b) test and measurement (vector network analyzers and instruments for general radio engineering); and c) wireless data communications (telemetry systems, security systems, remote control systems).

PLANAR, LLC provides not only warranty for each product but also after-sales servicing, consultations of highly qualified specialists with regard to installation and operation of the equipment (optionally on-site), and tailoring of equipment to customer's requirements including design of the product to submitted specifications.

Our comittment with Planar LLC is to promote, distrinute and support their products in our territories.