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Screen Service

As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this Italian broadcast equipment, Screen Services. Screen Service was founded in Brescia in 1988 and is now one of Italy's leading producers of television broadcasting equipment. The aims of the company are ongoing research and experimentation in new technologies and new quality standards so as to produce innovative, reliable equipment, the distinguishing feature of which is an excellent quality-price ratio. The company, located in one of the major industrial poles of Northern Italy occupies a surface area of 7,000 sq. m., 4,500 of which fully built up; its staff is highly qualified and the design, production and testing technologies are among the most advanced in the world.

Screen Service offers a complete range of equipment for the transmission and the processing of analog and digital television signals capable of meeting the increasingly sophisticated and demanding needs of a continually evolving market. The constant quest for advanced, reliable technical solutions underlies the company's basic competitive strategy. Customer satisfaction is the target at which Screen Service's intelligence, creativity and competence daily aim. The synergistic combination of professional skills, modern laboratory technologies and the ongoing study of materials characterizes feature of the Research & Development Department of Screen Service.

The combination of precision and efficiency, meticulous care and dynamism, is the real strength of the production department. The company's highly specialized staff avail themselves of the most up-to-date cutting-edge technology and instrumentation. The organization of the laboratories and production processes enables the company to respond promptly to any request and to comply fully with all relevant standards and supply schedules. The experience gained over time allows adjustment of the production process, to commercial and customers needs. An advanced computer system provides full back-up for production in the component supply phases and a spacious warehouse guarantees immediate retrievability of components. At the end of production, each individual piece of equipment is again subjected to testing and is calibrated at the operating frequencies required. The test procedures are completed with a series of manual and automatic tests to establish compliance with specifications and international standards. Quality control For Screen Service, quality is a precise, practical concept embracing every aspect of company activity. At the start of the production process, each piece of equipment is assigned a serial number so that the item and its parts are easily identifiable even after several years and the history of the item can be reconstructed. On completion of the strict commissioning operations, each item of equipment undergoes a further series of tests in a climatic chamber which simulates the most extreme environmental conditions in order to verify resistance and reliability.

Our comittment with Screen Services is to promote, distrinute and support their products in our territories.