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As part of our support to our partners, we support and sell products from this US Studio Equipment Manufacturer.Telos  and Their sister companies, OmniaAxia, and Linear Acoustic. We enjoy great satisfaction knowing that broadcasters in over 175 countries are using our gear every day.

Telos was founded by Steve Church, as an Engineer determined to do something about voice quality. After many weekends spent in a nearby university technical library, The resulting Telos 10 telephone interface system was a hit, eventually inspiring Steve to quit his station job (then at WMMS, Cleveland) to build a business to make and sell the systems.

In 2008, Linear Acoustic merged with Telos. Telos’ telephone hybrids and on-air talk show systems continue to set the performance benchmarks We believe in innovation. Over the years, we’ve pioneered many firsts: such as the First digital radio studio product., The First product of any kind to use MP3. and First surround TV audio processor among other

Despite having grown to become a worldwide leader in broadcast technology, we remain owned and managed by the founders. There are more than a dozen ex-broadcasters on staff making decisions, providing support, and designing products. Because we have "been there," we understand what you need to successfully get your job done. Since we are not beholden to finance types, we can take the long view, investing in fresh ideas for the long-term.

Our comittment with Telos to promote, distrinute and support in our territories.